The Unschooled Path to Learning Business and Finance

Welcome to our website. This is Unschooled MBA, a project where we learn how to do business and how to manage money without a formal education. 

We will be starting businesses and projects, growing them from zero to proper revenue streams, and we’ll be sharing everything that we have learnt   in our journey here on Unschooled MBA.

Additionally, we will be sharing our resources for all things business and finance that we have used to learn.

What We'll Be Exploring

Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Yash and Rudhraksh are college students who want to make it in business. However, neither has significant experience in business .  Rudhraksh first started Unschooled MBA in 2018 to document his journey in business. Then later with in 2021, together they rebooted Unschooled MBA making it more than just a blog that documents Rudhraksh’s business journey.

Our Mission

We want to share good resources we come across to our followers. We want to help people start and learn about business. By consuming content, reading books and journals, and applying the teachings to our projects, we want to document how things go, and learn from the process.  Additionally, we want to help people learn personal finance. Our goal is to make people good with dealing with money, and help them prudently invest their savings. For finance, we have a similar approach where we’ll be learning from leaders in the industry through their interviews and content on the internet, applying their advice, and sharing the results with the world.